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The Memorial Day Recipe You NEED!

Memorial Day Weekend Seafood Boil Recipe!
 There are a number of seafood boil recipes out there but in the end a seafood boil is about a gathering of people enjoying each other and some darn good food!!
Possible Ingredients: -Potatoes -Sausage or Kielbasa
-Seafood: Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Crabs or Crawfish
-Shrimp or Crab Boil Seasonings (found at most local fish markets)
-Old Bay Seasoning (or similar)
Lemon (optional)
1 – A Seafood Boil starts with a large pot, a turkey fryer can be utilized and allow you to cook outside, fill it with a large amount of water but leave room for the addition of your ingredients. Add your shrimp/crab boil seasoning mix to the water and turn the heating element on high.
2 – While the water is heating up, cut your potatoes into a few smaller pieces to cook faster and allow the potato to absorb the flavor from the boil. You may also wish to cut your corn earns in half depending on the number of people your serving.
3 – Once the water is at a boil, add the potatoes and corn and bring down to keep the water from boiling over, but you still want a slow boil.
4 – Depending on the meat you’ve decided to utilize, you will want to add the meat now based on if it is precooked or smoked. If it’s precooked it can go in when the seafood is added.
5 – Prepare the seafood while the potatoes and corn are cooking, peel your shrimp, rinse the clams and/or mussels or clean the crabs (we’ll have a future blog on LBIBlogger.com about how to clean a crab)
6 – Check your potatoes to see their progress, you want the potatoes soft, but not falling apart.
7 – Once the potatoes are almost fully cooked add your seafood based on the time it takes for it to cook. The seafood with the shortest cooking time is added last to the pot. Approximate Cook times for Seafood: Crawfish – 15 minutes, Crabs – 10 minutes, Mussels – 5 minutes, Clams – 4 minutes, Shrimp – 2-3 minutes.
8 – Prepare the table by laying out some newspaper over a large table, plates and silverware are optional, napkins are a necessity.
9 – Once all of the seafood has cooked for its recommended time, drain the pot or dump the contents through a strainer. Then dump the boil (minus water) onto the newspaper. Sprinkle with Old Bay or your favorite seafood seasoning. Top with some lemon wheels for presentation.
10 – ENJOY with family, friends and a few cold beverages!!!

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