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The Haymarket LBI!

Walking up the stairs into a child’s wonderland, I remembered back to when I was younger, reaching the top of the steps and being immediately overwhelmed, not knowing whether to go to the right to to the left to find that next doll, game or toy that I would be fortunate enough to take home to enjoy. Even as an adult I can say that the same excited feeling comes over me as I climb the steps of The Haymarket, Ship Bottom, LBI, but now Its my own children in wonderment as they get to find that special item to bring home!

I am sure this is the way many children (or adults with that inner child) feel when they experience The Haymarket for the first time. For over 40 years, this toy store and hobby shop has uniquely stood as one of it’s kind on LBI. What you’ll find at The Haymarket and what so many love about The Haymarket are the toys which are so very different from those you’d find at the big box stores. Many are challenging and engaging, thought provoking and yet others are vintage and bridge a gap between generations developing common interests.

Toys of new and toys of old. Toys, crafts and hobbies that grandparents share with grandchildren and families keep and display for generations. If you walk in with no idea of what to purchase for a certain child or self, you can ask the friendly staff and with a few questions about the the person the item is for, the staff will go around the shop and present numerous different options that will be perfect choices for your purchase.

The Haymarket carries such a diverse selection of toys, games and hobby items including but not limited to: Thomas the Train, Calico Critters, Hello Kitty, Hatchimals, Fidget Spinners & Legos. One line of toys that really caught my attention was Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty science, math and art exploration with a putty! There is something different that will draw the interest of every person no matter their interests.

Stop in for your annual visit or for the very first time to see what fun The Haymarket has brought to LBI for their 41st season!

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