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Pyour Core LBI….For Your Core!

Pyour Core Surf City, LBI is NOT a gym. They are a state of the art fitness facility designed with core strength, flexibility and mobility in mind. Their methods impact your body from your foundation outwards, allowing you to build strength in a safer, healthier and most importantly, MORE EFFICIENT manner. Whether you are 22 or 82, and whether your goal is to tone, increase flexibility, rehab an injury or lose a few unwanted pounds, it begins with the decision to change your lifestyle and start at your CORE. Pyour Core’s trainers are CERTIFIED, QUALIFIED & EXTREMELY MOTIVATED and completely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals! The longer you wait, the further you are getting from your goal. Those calories aren’t burning themselves. Those muscles will not tone themselves and your injury will not fix itself, so make the commitment to be healthier, feel better and get stronger!

Pyour has gotten bigger and better for the 2017 season. First, they have expanded their programs to include a brand new suspension training system like no other! Unlike the TRX training system, this new and innovative system offers the ability of rotation, therefore truly adding more of a core stability challenge for the ultimate in an athletic workout! “Pyour Fit” will be launched at their 4th annual Fit Fair on Sunday May 28. Like their Fit Fairs in the past, all of their cutting edge classes are only 30 minutes long and they are just $8 each… their Pilates apparatus classes are also 30 minutes in length but they are $25 each. This years Fit Fair has exploded to become a true event! All the stores on their Surf City strip will be participating, including Pyour Cores new addition PYOUR POUR! They have expanded down the strip to the corner space and will now be offering made to order fresh Pressed Juices, Smoothies, Frozen Yogurt, Espresso Bar and Bites! Pyour Pour will also be offering custom Juice Cleanses all based on your health needs and goals, their on staff dietician will be working closely to aid in creating the most beneficial cleanses around! The Fit Fair will also include designer Laine Goldstein from Pheel active apparel for their 4th annual trunk show, Swell Chiropractic, local acupuncturist Rein Pulz of LBI Acupuncture, and so much more!! Additionally, they are very excited to include the team from Fighting Children’s Cancer Foundation; they will be providing ceramic piggy banks painted by children with cancer to raise money for the foundation. Lastly, the online store is officially open! Pyour Core now has their own line of comfy Pyour Core apparel!

As you can see Pyour Core continually grows and expands out to our community and we hope that you can create an announcement to get this exciting news to the community.

Pyour Core’s trainers are fully certified and bring cutting edge classes and programs like no others. Their Pilates program offers custom designed workouts from extensive rehab all the way to athletic conditioning, again their trainers hold very specific certifications in these specific programs, therefore creating a safe and comprehensive environment for all of their clients whether in a group class or private session.

Check out Pyour Core & Pyour Pour in Surf City, LBI. Visit them out on Instagram @LBIpyourcore #pyourcore, Facebook @pyourcorefitness, and their online website www.pyourcore.com.

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