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Game On Memorial Day LBI!

So, whose a fan of playing games with friends or family while soaking up the sun’s rays? Whether it’s frisbee or paddle ball there are a ton of activities that beach goers enjoy to add to their beach day experience. Here are some games you may or may not have heard of that are perfect for a beach day on LBI…

Kan Jam – Frisbee with a twist. Best played in pairs the object is to throw a frisbee into the can, however your teammate can help “knock” the frisbee in too.

Washer Toss – for the beach a big corn hole setup is a bit cumbersome to trudge through sand. Washers is similar in that you throw a washer (instead of bean bag) and the object is to get it into a hole on a smaller board to score points.
Spikeball – Volleyball made to travel. Sure it’s different, but in the end it’s about serving, setting up your teammate and spiking the ball onto a small trampoline. This game has turned into leagues in some shore towns.
Mölkky- you’ve probably never heard of this one but it is a great game for anywhere from 2 or more people. It’s a combination of bocce and bowling and sure to be a family favorite for years!

Grab one of these games to help boost your beach day experience!

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