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Minerva’s By The Sea: A Home Away From Home

Minerva’s By The Sea is so much more than the typical Bed & Breakfast – it is a home away from home. Owner/founder Emma Lapansky takes great pride in this fine establishment and it shows. From the moment you enter this beautiful residence you are filled with a sense of warmth and hospitality. It’s not something that you can achieve with a fresh coat of paint or new carpeting on the floor. It’s not a decoration you can order online or a trinket strategically placed to finish off a room. It’s more than Feng Shui or interior design. Emma describes it as “You-centered.”

The interior of Minerva’s is clean and airy, like an ocean breeze. Each room has a nautical theme like Neptune and Mermaid. The rooms provide all the amenities and luxuries that any good B&B should have. Plus, no two bedroom walls adjoin and the walls of each unit are insulated, resulting in the highest amount of privacy and quietness.

The common areas are filled with puzzles, a wide variety of books, and toys. These areas are happy spaces with plenty of comfortable seating; a perfect place to spend an hour or two while the occasional summer rain storm cools off a hot summer day.

There are plenty of restaurants, shops and beaches within walking or biking distance. Conveniently, Minerva’s offers free bicycles you can borrow for the day to venture a little further down the island. (Please, bring your own helmet.)

We arrived later in the evening and Emma welcomed us with open arms! There is always a sense of relief when you first arrive somewhere after being cooped up in the car for a spell. Emma gave us a quick and thorough tour of the house and we dropped our bags off in the Neptune room. The room was lovely! We had our own balcony, two very comfortable beds and a very spacious bathroom.

We decided to take a walk to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. The north end of the island, where Minerva’s By the Sea is located, is a very calm, peaceful area. We had a wonderful dinner at Kubel’s and then made our way to Poppy’s Ice Cream Parlour.

As the sun set, we made our way back to Minerva’s. We chatted with Emma for a bit and then turned in for the night. We opted to turn off the air conditioning and opened the windows and patio door to a wonderful ocean breeze. As we enjoyed a nightcap out on the balcony, an amazing summer rain rolled through. We settled in for the night and I enjoyed one of the best night’s sleeps I have had in years!

In the morning, we took our time waking and getting ready for the day. We spent some time in the common room, playing with the puzzles and flipping through some of the books. The tempting aromas of fresh brewed coffee and sizzling bacon wafted down to us from the kitchen located on the third floor.

Emma called us up for breakfast mid morning. She had laid out a generous spread of fresh fruits, cereals, different toasts and bagels with cream cheese and lox. She made us fluffy scrambled eggs and perfectly cooked bacon. The coffee was delicious and there was a variety of fresh juices as well. We met a wonderful retired couple that made a yearly visit to Emma and some of Emma’s own family members joined us for the lovely meal. We opted to enjoy our morning meal out on the third floor deck that shared a great view of Ol’ Barney, the lighthouse, and the rolling waves of the ocean. It was the perfect start to a wonderful day.

In her “other” life, as Emma likes to describe it, she is a writing instructor. She offers a wonderful writers weekend workshop, usually in early November, right here at Minerva’s By The Sea. Minerva’s is open year round and offers many other specialty weekends as well! Enjoy a Gourmet Weekend September 28th– 30th, which coincides with the LBI Chowderfest.

In October, open your mind, body and soul during a special Yoga Retreat Weekend with Gabrielle de Burke. This will take place during the first weekend of October. Let your voice be heard October 12th – 14th during a Sing-a-long Weekend at Minerva’s by the Sea. Choral-singing leader Lyn Ransom will lead this vocal retreat.

No matter what time of year it is, Minerva’s By the Sea is always a warm and welcome place to spend your days. Emma takes great pride in what she does and it really shows. We here at LBI Blogger want to thank her for her graciousness and hospitality. We can not wait to return to Minerva’s By The Sea.

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