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Black Sheep Studios: Be Bold. Be True. Be You.

Black Sheep studios is where you want to be this summer, and every season after that. During the exploration of four unique spaces, Black Sheep Studios provides a one of a kind fitness experience. Their “Baaa’d Ass Workouts” will have you feeling accomplished and fabulous. Owner Devon Karvan is dedicated to making her athletes look and feel great at her studio. Karvan opened Black Sheep Studios in 2016 with her focus on spin classes and just 5 years later has a rapidly expanding brand.

As you explore each of their four unique spaces, feel yourself transition into a serene state of mind. Each exceptional space is fully stocked with the industry’s best equipment. No matter where you are in the studio, Black Sheep only ask’s one thing: Be Bold. Be True. Be You.


There are five main types of workouts that the studio provides:

Barre Studio Workouts

Barre combines a variety of different movements to get your body active. Actions involve Pilates, yoga, and ballet moves. These workouts typically high energy and low impact. All of the workouts have a very efficient and focused manner that keeps the class fun yet productive. Classes like Foam Roller, Stretch and Sculpt, and Yoga can provide strength, stamina, flexibility, and relaxation to your entire physique.

TRX Halo Studio Workouts

TRX Suspension Training is a bodyweight exercise. It develops stability across the body all simultaneously. All workouts are concentrated in creating a strainer core and more stable body overall. Halo is similar in the way that it provides overall body conditioning. Through HIIT, boxing clinic, and cardio dance party you can get your heart rate up while still having a great time. It is time to add more exciting way to exercise to your game plan!

Pilates Loft Workouts

Pilates workouts allow athletes to dive deeper into their potential. These exercises works on core stabilization and muscle endurance. Peripheral joint stability, balance, and coordination are key factors that are kept in mind when Black Sheep Trainers are preparing the unique classes. The exclusive Loft space gives athletes the chance to become well-versed on many different apparatuses such as Black Sheep’s Cadillac, chairs, barrels, and reformers. These classes are bold and exciting.

Spin Studio Workouts

You have never experienced a spin class like this. Black Sheep provides a black lit room to completely escape reality and focus only on you. Pedaling to the beat of stimulating music gives you a chance to ride like you never have before. Black Sheep studios uses unique Real Ryder technology allowing you to feel the realistic lean, turn, steer, and balance of the bike. If you have cycled before, you haven’t done it like this.

“The bike doesn’t leave the ground, but our instructors will take you for a ride”

~Black Sheep Studios

Outdoor Workouts

Sun in the sky and sand between your toes is the best way to start a morning workout. Black Sheep Studios has created the ultimate outdoor workout on the beach allowing your entire body to feel the burn. Challenging athletes in both endurance and strength workouts on the sand, outdoor workouts are the perfect way to get fresh air and a fresh start to the day.

Be Bold

Black Sheep Studios will motivate you to be a better athlete as well as a better person. Their staff is incredibly inviting with extreme knowledge on making the best choices for your body both in the studio and at home. If you haven’t taken a class with them, check out their website now and get involved with their life changing studio. Be bold enough to make the choice to be a better version of yourself.

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